Friday, July 30, 2010

Day 148: Final Inspection...

Hahahaha.... final inspection.. getting really used to this thing. I.M. and G are there in the house doing their own inspection and checking the house. We did the tour and one by one ticked off PCI list and NHI report.

We actually saw two things that were not done but are on the plan, the tiles on the laundry were supposed to be all the way to the bottom of the cabinet and a double power point in the laundry was missing. I.M. said that this will be done when they install the appliances.

It was not as long as the PCI but there were still a few outstanding items. G. assured me that most of them he will be doing himself and will be done today or over the weekend.

And they replaced the data hub and it is on the right spot now. :D

After doing the inspection, I called T.W. regarding the final payment and I just emailed him the final invoice and signed copy of the progress draw form.

Hopefully by next week we get the cheque to give to Carlisle so we can have the keys.. :D

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