Thursday, July 22, 2010

Day 140: New SS again!!!

I made an appointment with I.M. to meet him on site early in the morning to measure the data hub and have a look inside. He didn't show up!!! I was sitting in the car, in front of the house waiting for him and when I called him, he didn't answer. Then I saw this guy walking towards me and saw that he is wearing a Carlisle uniform, and it turned out that he is our new S.S. Geeezzz, is Carlisle going to send us each S.S. they have?

Anyway, G. and I quickly went inside the garage for me to take some measurement and photos of the data hub that they installed. And guess what, it was actually smaller that the one I requested so there goes the "we upgraded it to a bigger one" excuse.

Quickly sent an email to E.R. and she said that Argus will replace the hub when they move it to where it should be.

Me happy again with Carlisle.. :D

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