Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Day 54: Pre-plaster inspection report..

I got the pre-plaster inspection report today from NHI and there are a few issues listed. I met D.X. on site and gave him personally the inspection report and as usual, he doesn't like it but he said that he will have them fixed.

I also went inside the house and found another problem, they did not put a foil (the green paper) at the corner of bedroom 4 and it already has bricks. Showed it to D.X. and he promised that he will have them fixed.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Day 49: Pre-plaster Inspection

First off, photos for the electricals:

Also, they installed the ducted heating tubes.

I arrived early on the site and waited for D.X. to appear, but NOOOO, he didn't even bothered to call me to say that he won't be there for the pre-plaster inspection as he said yesterday so me and R.D. went ahead with the inspection. R.D found a few issues, some were serious, some are aesthetics. The more serious was the kitchen bulkhead was attached to the trusses and he said that this is no good.

While we were there, the insulation guys came and started putting the batts on the walls. And they were using this:

They also added the green paper between the entry and the lounge so that they can put the batts.

They have also replaced the garage post with the treated pine so I sent the frame stage payment.

One annoying thing was that when I came back that afternoon, D.X. arrived but didn't even got out of his car. I waved to him while he was parked outside the site but then he just drove off without even getting out of the car to ask how the pre-plaster inspection went. I had to call him on his mobile to say that there are a few issues. I will be meeting him tomorrow morning to discuss them but I won't be having the report yet.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Day 47: Electricals started..

Got a call from Carlisle (Tanya) today following up the payment for the frame stage. Told her that I will wait for the issues with the slab and frame to be fixed before I send out the payment and that I already talked to E.R. about it. She's happy with that. :D

Went to the site to meet D.X. to see how if the frame and slab issues had been already addressed. The concreter was there fixing the slab but him and D.X. were reluctant to grind the slab overhang on the side of bedroom 4. Lucky I was there as D.X. just told the guy to fix it.

Also, the electrician already started putting in the wires. It seems that he already finished the lot but found that there were a few points still missing, mostly in the wet areas (bathroom and laundry) so I am not sure if they will do it later. The wires are there but no brackets.

Also found an issue with the fridge power point, it is almost in the middle of the fridge space. Might have problem putting the fridge all the way to the wall.

I got no photos but will go back to the site tomorrow to have another look, hopefully to meet the guys from Argus as I have a few questions from them.

Also, D.X. told me that plaster will be done on Friday so I have to schedule the pre-plaster inspection to be on Thursday. I am really doubting that they will finish all the pre-plaster work before Friday. They still need to do the batts, fix the wall sarking, do the smart/structure wiring and the heating.

Oh, and it is really pouring heavy tonight so will be interesting to see tomorrow if there are any leaks again. :D

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Day 44: Oh No!! LEAK on the roof..

There was a light rain yesterday and guess what, since they have not yet finished the roof, we got some leaks on the roof and the roof sarking got wet. I don't know if there will be any effect in it's insulating/reflectiveness but it sure did it's job as a rain protection. :D At least the ceiling will not get wet if we ever have a problem with the roof tiles..

Oh, and they rearranged the bricks getting them ready.

And, really glad I upgraded the roof tile profile. LOVE the roof!!!!!

But I am not too sure about the decision on upgrading the alfresco doors. Now I don't have any walls on the side, it's all glass sliding doors. Well, at least that will make it look a bit more spacious. :D

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Day 42: We Got Roof!!!!

Well I have not visited the site for days just because it gets dark too quickly in the afternoon. But today, I am very glad to see that the house actually has a roof (though not complete yet).

We also got the wall and roof sarking. Wall sarking is not yet complete (missing in the garage) and there are some tears outside.

The above tear is just an example. There are a few other places with worse tears than this.

Bricks has been also delivered. Not sure of the colour though. It says chocolate in the pallet but it seems that the one in the display home at Williams Landing is a lot nicer than these bricks. Maybe after they cleaned them.

And this is the damp proofing that they used.

View from the back of the house.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Day 36 : Frame Inspection Report Submitted

No updates today other that I handed in the frame inspection report to D.X. personally on site. It was quite annoying since I was expecting him to give me a sort of a tour of the house but he didn't even left his car.

No one was there on site doing anything, as if it was a holiday. Though the brickies were busy with my neighbours house.

D.X. said that the wall sarking should be done today but I doubt it.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Day 35 : Roof tiles and windows delivered...

Got to the site and the house was clean. No more bits of woods lying around inside. Well maybe the frame is already finished.

The roof tiles were also delivered.

And so were the windows and alfresco door.

Hopefully no one steals those windows and doors. Or no one breaks them. Can't believe that they would just leave them there.

And they've also started the piping..

I also got the frame stage inspection report and there are quite a few outstanding so I better contact D.X. and have a talk to him.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Day 33: Frame Inspected !!!

Ahhhhh, the frame has not been completed yet and the carpenter was still working.

Well, the INCOMPLETE frame was inspected this afternoon. Although the frame was not yet completely finished, R.B. said that he would still be able to make a thorough inspection.

I also met our new site supervisor D.X. He seems to be a nice guy and open, but we will see.

I was not able to get some photos as I forgot to bring my camera.

R.B. pointed out some things to D.X. and D.X. seems to agree with R.B. but will wait for the report to fix them.

Also, the gutters were being fitted so hopefully they will be doing the roof tiles soon.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Day 31: Frame is almost complete..

N and I went to the site to have a look before the frame inspection. It seems that there is a lot more to be done but hopefully they can finish them just before inspection on Tuesday.

Found a few concerns though. This one is the frame base not aligned to the slab.

 One of the garage post wrapped in some kind of plastic.

 And lots of these nails not going all the way

Or going all the way through the other side

 Broken noggings

 Floating studs
Loose noggings

 Well hopefully these are picked-up during inspection.

Saturday, April 3, 2010