Friday, July 30, 2010

Day 148: Final Inspection...

Hahahaha.... final inspection.. getting really used to this thing. I.M. and G are there in the house doing their own inspection and checking the house. We did the tour and one by one ticked off PCI list and NHI report.

We actually saw two things that were not done but are on the plan, the tiles on the laundry were supposed to be all the way to the bottom of the cabinet and a double power point in the laundry was missing. I.M. said that this will be done when they install the appliances.

It was not as long as the PCI but there were still a few outstanding items. G. assured me that most of them he will be doing himself and will be done today or over the weekend.

And they replaced the data hub and it is on the right spot now. :D

After doing the inspection, I called T.W. regarding the final payment and I just emailed him the final invoice and signed copy of the progress draw form.

Hopefully by next week we get the cheque to give to Carlisle so we can have the keys.. :D

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Day 145: CoO

Yay.. E.R. sent us our Certificate of Occupancy.. can't describe the feeling when reading the word "occupancy". :D

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Day 140: New SS again!!!

I made an appointment with I.M. to meet him on site early in the morning to measure the data hub and have a look inside. He didn't show up!!! I was sitting in the car, in front of the house waiting for him and when I called him, he didn't answer. Then I saw this guy walking towards me and saw that he is wearing a Carlisle uniform, and it turned out that he is our new S.S. Geeezzz, is Carlisle going to send us each S.S. they have?

Anyway, G. and I quickly went inside the garage for me to take some measurement and photos of the data hub that they installed. And guess what, it was actually smaller that the one I requested so there goes the "we upgraded it to a bigger one" excuse.

Quickly sent an email to E.R. and she said that Argus will replace the hub when they move it to where it should be.

Me happy again with Carlisle.. :D

Monday, July 19, 2010

Day 137: Wrong Data Hub!!

I was reviewing the PCI photos yesterday and noticed that they put the wrong Data Hub enclosure!!! I sent E.R. an email regarding this (with a photo that our colour consultant emailed me ) and she replied today saying that the electrician said they need to change/upgrade it so that everything that needs to put inside can fit.  I don't think so, I reckon they are just going the cheap route and installed a common box.  Will definitely chase them up on this.

Me not happy!!!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Day 134: NHI PCI Report..

Wow, R.D. is fast, I just read his report and he actually sent it this afternoon. I guess he can't wait to go to Africa. Anyway, I am glad that we had an independent inspector to do the PCI inspection, he caught a lot of things that me and R.M. missed and some of them are expensive to fix.

Highly recommended those guys at N.H.I.

Day 134: PCI !!!! AND SMART WIRING!!!

Yay!! We made it this far... :D

Woke up really early as the PCI is scheduled at 8:30AM (or was it  9AM?). When we got there, our good old NHI inspectro R.D. is already there doing his thing. He said that he was actually on leave that day as he is going to Africa for a three week holiday.

R.M. was our PCI supervisor and he was alright. He already marked most of the paint jobs that needs to be redone.  Most of the things that we saw are paint touch ups. We're glad that we schedule the PCI to be in the morning as the sunlight lighting up each room really made a difference spotting wrong paint works and there are plenty of them. Some of them you can't see when staring at the wall directly but once you move to the side, it stands out.  R.M. thinks that an apprentice did the paint touch up and he used the ceiling paint which is flat instead of the wall paint which is glossy.

R.M. also mentioned that he checked the garage paintwork and he is recommending that the whole garage be repainted..

An example of the marks for the paint touch up is below.

But pretty happy how the kitchen turned out, especially the plumbing.. NEAT!!!

One funny thing though is that while we were there doing the PCI, the L&O guys were also there installing the smart wiring. Then when we got to the garage, I saw they were putting the data hub in there and I then told R.M. that it's not to be installed there but somewhere else. Showed him the plans and he just shook his head.

Oh, and the Boss was really mad at me as I forgot to tell her to bring slippers and the floor tiles were really cold.

Well, other than them installing the data hub on the wrong spot, house looks good and the Boss is happy. R.M. gave us a list of what needs to be fixed and we will go back in two weeks for the final inspection.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Day 129: Fiber Optic conduit installed..

Visited the site today and saw that they already put the fibre optic conduit.  But peering into the windows, it seems that the data cabling is still not done...

 There is also another thing, they put the gas entry point on the brick pergola post and on the side of the footpath making the footpath narrower...

Friday, July 9, 2010

Day 127: Updates on issues..

Got an email from E.R. today regarding the variations on issues:

-- all quad power points will be replaced by 2 X double power points
-- pergola colour will be deep walnut
-- the corner floodlight will be a power point instead..

also booked in for PCI next week, Friday... :D

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Day 126: We "forgot" the paint colour for the pergola

Got a call from E.R. today asking for the paint colour that we want for the pergola since we forgot to choose it during colour selection. I told her that we didn't forget, it was just that the pergola was presented to us during tender and we pretty much have to agree to it since we were told that it would delay our build if we want it removed since the plans have to go to the estate approval process again..

Can't decide on the colours, but I might go deep walnut to match that beam on top of the porch...

Also got the news that there are no slimline version of the quad power points. Told them to put two double power points instead. Still waiting for the answer.

And still no news if the data cabling is alredy there!!!!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Day 121: Facade Colours

Wohooo...we didn't mess up the facade colours...