Friday, July 16, 2010

Day 134: PCI !!!! AND SMART WIRING!!!

Yay!! We made it this far... :D

Woke up really early as the PCI is scheduled at 8:30AM (or was it  9AM?). When we got there, our good old NHI inspectro R.D. is already there doing his thing. He said that he was actually on leave that day as he is going to Africa for a three week holiday.

R.M. was our PCI supervisor and he was alright. He already marked most of the paint jobs that needs to be redone.  Most of the things that we saw are paint touch ups. We're glad that we schedule the PCI to be in the morning as the sunlight lighting up each room really made a difference spotting wrong paint works and there are plenty of them. Some of them you can't see when staring at the wall directly but once you move to the side, it stands out.  R.M. thinks that an apprentice did the paint touch up and he used the ceiling paint which is flat instead of the wall paint which is glossy.

R.M. also mentioned that he checked the garage paintwork and he is recommending that the whole garage be repainted..

An example of the marks for the paint touch up is below.

But pretty happy how the kitchen turned out, especially the plumbing.. NEAT!!!

One funny thing though is that while we were there doing the PCI, the L&O guys were also there installing the smart wiring. Then when we got to the garage, I saw they were putting the data hub in there and I then told R.M. that it's not to be installed there but somewhere else. Showed him the plans and he just shook his head.

Oh, and the Boss was really mad at me as I forgot to tell her to bring slippers and the floor tiles were really cold.

Well, other than them installing the data hub on the wrong spot, house looks good and the Boss is happy. R.M. gave us a list of what needs to be fixed and we will go back in two weeks for the final inspection.

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