Thursday, April 22, 2010

Day 49: Pre-plaster Inspection

First off, photos for the electricals:

Also, they installed the ducted heating tubes.

I arrived early on the site and waited for D.X. to appear, but NOOOO, he didn't even bothered to call me to say that he won't be there for the pre-plaster inspection as he said yesterday so me and R.D. went ahead with the inspection. R.D found a few issues, some were serious, some are aesthetics. The more serious was the kitchen bulkhead was attached to the trusses and he said that this is no good.

While we were there, the insulation guys came and started putting the batts on the walls. And they were using this:

They also added the green paper between the entry and the lounge so that they can put the batts.

They have also replaced the garage post with the treated pine so I sent the frame stage payment.

One annoying thing was that when I came back that afternoon, D.X. arrived but didn't even got out of his car. I waved to him while he was parked outside the site but then he just drove off without even getting out of the car to ask how the pre-plaster inspection went. I had to call him on his mobile to say that there are a few issues. I will be meeting him tomorrow morning to discuss them but I won't be having the report yet.

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