Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Day 47: Electricals started..

Got a call from Carlisle (Tanya) today following up the payment for the frame stage. Told her that I will wait for the issues with the slab and frame to be fixed before I send out the payment and that I already talked to E.R. about it. She's happy with that. :D

Went to the site to meet D.X. to see how if the frame and slab issues had been already addressed. The concreter was there fixing the slab but him and D.X. were reluctant to grind the slab overhang on the side of bedroom 4. Lucky I was there as D.X. just told the guy to fix it.

Also, the electrician already started putting in the wires. It seems that he already finished the lot but found that there were a few points still missing, mostly in the wet areas (bathroom and laundry) so I am not sure if they will do it later. The wires are there but no brackets.

Also found an issue with the fridge power point, it is almost in the middle of the fridge space. Might have problem putting the fridge all the way to the wall.

I got no photos but will go back to the site tomorrow to have another look, hopefully to meet the guys from Argus as I have a few questions from them.

Also, D.X. told me that plaster will be done on Friday so I have to schedule the pre-plaster inspection to be on Thursday. I am really doubting that they will finish all the pre-plaster work before Friday. They still need to do the batts, fix the wall sarking, do the smart/structure wiring and the heating.

Oh, and it is really pouring heavy tonight so will be interesting to see tomorrow if there are any leaks again. :D

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