Saturday, April 17, 2010

Day 44: Oh No!! LEAK on the roof..

There was a light rain yesterday and guess what, since they have not yet finished the roof, we got some leaks on the roof and the roof sarking got wet. I don't know if there will be any effect in it's insulating/reflectiveness but it sure did it's job as a rain protection. :D At least the ceiling will not get wet if we ever have a problem with the roof tiles..

Oh, and they rearranged the bricks getting them ready.

And, really glad I upgraded the roof tile profile. LOVE the roof!!!!!

But I am not too sure about the decision on upgrading the alfresco doors. Now I don't have any walls on the side, it's all glass sliding doors. Well, at least that will make it look a bit more spacious. :D


  1. Hey,draco, I saw from you picture that you got insulation on your roof ! But there's nothing on my roof ! Is it a standard building code ? Or do you pay for it if it is upgraded item?

  2. Paid a lot for that roof sarking :D. Read on H1 that it is worth it. Hoping I won't need the air conditioning.