Sunday, May 9, 2010

Day 66: Cabinets, We Got Cabinets

Happy Mother's Day!!!!

And N was really happy to see the kitchen cabinets and benchtops. She kept on bragging that she chose the colour combination and they look beautiful. Who knows what will happen if I disagree.

You know what's wrong with the photos above.. I ORDERED A BULLNOSE EDGE PROFILE!!!!! Need to quickly sort this out with E.R.

The ensuite that N keeps on saying has a ridiculous colour combination. I reckon its perfect. Guess who chose the combi. :D



Master bedroom door (WRONG DOOR STYLE!!!!)

Bedroom doors (WRONG DOOR STYLES AGAIN!!!)

A few more updates and photos below..

Facade is taking shape..

The expensive pergola

They finished the bricks in the garage

Well, still got a few issues. The lintel above the alfresco door has not been installed and they already put the bricks on and the plaster, so I am not sure how are they going to put that in. I saw that the framer already had the lintel made but it was just in the alfresco floor. And also the issue with the doors and the benchtop profile.

Gotta email E.R. quick. :D

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