Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Day 27: Framing continues... Inspection scheduled..

I got a call from I.M. and he gave me an update on what was happening with the build. He also answered my "no frame in the garage" question, we apparently have a brick garage. Now that is a surprise, and told him I am pretty sure we have a brick-veneer. Well, he said he was looking at the drawings and it says brick garage, that is why no frames in the the garage. But this leads to a problem, the trusses can't be put up until the garage is built. Now how am I suppose to go ahead with the scheduled frame inspection on Tuesday? Told I.M. to meet on site in the afternoon and he willingly agreed.

I also got a call from R.K. of NHI regarding the Tuesday appointment for the frame inspection. Had to tell them to hold it 'till I talk to I.M.

I go to the site and me (I.M.). He is really professional and easy to talk to. Explained a few things to me and found out a few things. One, C.P. is no longer our site supervisor since he was let go for so many reasons (well he didn't even called me and gave me any update which was one of his main job).

Also, the garage frame is already done when I got to the site, I.M. was looking at another drawing when he said we had a brick-garage. But !@#$%^$, that was quick, they put the whole thing in about 2 hours.

I reiterated that the frame inspection was on Tuesday and he assured me that it will be ready by then. He seems to know NHI and told me that they are one of the good inspectors, thorough and knows what they are doing. That's good to know since I know I.M. will be on his toes and will try to do everything right.

Well, I finalised the inspection time with NHI and that is all good to go.

Also sorted out the finance side. Someone from Carlisle called me following up the payment for the base stage and told them it's all done.

No photos today though, I was not able to go inside the site since they were still busy putting up the trusses. Don't want to get hit in the head.

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  1. Hi, I was reading through the HomeOne Forum and came across your blog. Do you mind me asking who you are using to do your independant inspections? What are the rates like? Are you getting an independant inspection for every stage? We are still undecided on this issue - don't want to spend the money but worry that it may be a really good investment.

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