Thursday, March 18, 2010

Day 14: Yey!!! Digging!! Finally

I was on my way to the site when our CLE (E.R.) returned my call and was asking how was the build going. I was confused as I should be the one asking that question to her. Anyway, I said that it seems that there was nothing going on for the past 3 days and she just replied that she will call the site supervisor to check what's going on.

When I arrived at the site... Yehey!! They finally dug the site and can see them preparing for the slab.  The white outline in the photo below will be where the garage and the porch.

And the trenches below are for the 4 expensive pillars that we need to add for the corner treatment.

And look, no more pool..

And finally, X marks the spot.. of what? I don't know!!!

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